Caterpillar Award & Casey van Maris Award

River Elegance

Designed by Ron Holbrook of Holbrook & Associates
Construction by Pro-Land Landscape Construction Inc.
In 2016, Pro-Land Landscape was selected by Landscape Ontario to be entered into the annual National Awards of Landscape Excellence. The CNLA (Canadian Nursery Landscape Association) awards the projects that best showcase the highest level of professionalism in Canada’s landscape sector. Over 50 entries were received, and Pro-Land Landscape was selected as one of five recipients.
River Elegance_National Award_CNLA

Casey van Maris Award

Modern Masterpiece

Designed by Scott McCuaig of Eden Tree Design Inc.
Construction by: Pro-Land Landscape Construction Inc.
Pro-Land Landscape received the Casey van Maris Award at the 2017 Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence. This award is presented to a Residential Landscape Construction project that displays the best execution of unique, innovative and creative design.


The annual awards ceremony accepts entries in over 40 categories of the horticulture industry. Entries are reviewed by a panel of judges, and those deemed truly excellent are honoured with awards. Below are a few of Pro-Lands award-winning projects…

Valley Hill $250,000-$500,00

View Mount $250,000-$500,00

PurpleVille $100,000-$250,00

St. Andrews Park South $250,000-$500,00

Ridge Views $100,000-$250,00

Forest Tranquility $100,000-$250,00

Mount Pleasant $250,000 - $500, 000

Meadow Peak $100,00 - $250, 000

Cloud Nine $100, 000 - $250,000

South Beach Staycation $250,000 - $500, 000

Rosedale Retreat $250,000 - $500,000

Forest Hill South $100, 000 - $250, 000